Friday, August 6, 2010

++SaLaM RaMadHaN++

ramadhan is juz around d corner!
excited n nervous at d same tym.
excited cos this will b my 1st ramadhan as a wifey.
n nervous cos this will b my 1st ramadhan as a mummy2b.
i hope dat i wont face any problem to complete d fasting month.

i finally vomitted twice.
most of d tym i'm experiencing d nausea.
like very very frequent.
i made d wekk sound even in d classes.

i dunno how d fasting month will b.
waking z up at 7am is already a challenging task.
dunno wut should i do to wake him for sahur.
i definetly need to sahur.
or else i'm not gonna have enuff energy.

tomorrow is z's birthday.
i dunno how to celebrate.
his family is otw to our house tonite
coz we are heading to d south early tomorrow morning.

i shall post special n3 for my hubby tonite.

till here then.

psst:mummy2b is getting lazy to update her blog.forgive her.

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