Sunday, April 22, 2012

++ a few updates++

Z n I are in d midst of making a big decision in our life.
Will let u know once everything is confirmed.
For now let just pray d best for us..:)

as for me...
Dapat gak beli new iPad...
Tapi xreti pon sgt no gune...
Duk terkial-kial lagi...
N cam xde la excited mcm mase dpt tab dulu.
Maybe sbb ala-ala smartphone je pon.
Sume apps pon da penah try..

Novel writing is still in progress..
I feel that I'm not that rajin to write..
Sbb otak mcm xde idea..
Ye la..da lme xgune otak utk bnde2 mcm ni kn..
Her Her her...

I'm waiting for two items from us.
Pastu janji x beli dahhhhh!!!

Ok.thats all.
Arap esok dpt produce new chapter.

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