Monday, February 13, 2012

++ sTuPiDiTy ++

i was browsing thru my old entries when i suddenly felt very stupid.
oh maigod.
i'm talking about some entries where i had fights with those-who-know-who-they-r.

i feel so embarrassed right now.
how did i involve in those things?

now i understand why Z asked me to remain calm
n let them say what they wanted.
but stupid me.
i got too carried away.too.

i think i had became matured after marriage.
no more writing about others.
i hope no more.

have u ever wondered what's wrong with ur life?
why r u still struggling to patch things here n there?
why r u always trying to make things better?[as if it never as good as it is?]

i have my answers.
hope you'll find yours.

i'm going to change my url soon.
i'm hoping to b a better person!

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