Monday, January 9, 2012

++ 2012 ++

dear Allah,
thanks for giving me d chance to live in this world.
thanks for giving me another chance to be a better person.

i know it's too late for a new year wish!

i've been soooo bz.
d students are taking their final now.
lecturers r bz marking n keying in d marks into d system.

i've been drafting a lot of entries in my head.
bout how we went to melaka to celebrate new year.
bout lil prince's development.
bout some financial planning.
bout shopping spree i had.
n many more.
but they ended up there.
i cant online at home with Zareef tugging at my legs.

i got some bad n good news for d past few days.
been tested with different things.
being cheated n betrayed.[not by Z btw]
n many stuffs happened in early 2012!

n not to mention,
i am quite worried that i might pregnant AGAIN now.
am i?
it's a good news indeed.
but with some plannings going around,
i dont think its a good time.
but then...Allah knows better!

i'm not really in d mood.
feel like going back n cry under d pillow.
this is what happen when u pile up work n procrastinate.

this coming friday Z, Zareef n i are going to have dinner here

the tallest restaurant in KL.

oh yeah.
happy new year!

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('',)MiSs mRs.SaMsOL said...

aloh kalu zareef dpt adik apa slahnya heheh rezeki di tahun baru heheh :)