Monday, July 19, 2010

++ sToP ++

i have stopped following most of d wedding prep blogs.
some r still on d list coz they r my fave reading lists.
thanks to all diz bloggers that have inspired me a lot!
i juz need to move on!

1st week of d semester is hectic.
i've been running up down due to d pack schedule.
d students r awesome.
i love teaching them.
two of my classes r exceeding d max number of students allowed.
i chased them out last week but they refused to leave.
guess i need to try harder this week.

early stage of pregnancy is tiring.
my moods r unexpected.
plus my energy is reducing.
i need to lie on d bed most of d tym.
i dont vomit yet.
but im experiencing d nausea.

i love when z put his palms on my tummy...
he will run his fingers on my tummy
n sumtimes kiss it.
it's ours.
even though it was hard at 1st place to accept
d fact dat i'm pregnant,
but now i juz love it.

thank u Allah...
everything happens for a reason.

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ummi Eiz said...

congrtea lya on the good news...

kak yana