Monday, July 12, 2010

++ LiFe ++

i havent finished sharing wut happen on my W-day,
n now i'm pregnant.
wut a life!
z n i aren't planning to have a baby diz fast.
n those close frens know dat i kept on telling
dat i want baby atleast next yer.
it is a shocking news for us.
even though i had d instinct n had most of d symptoms,
i kept on denying it because it's like unbelieveable.
some close frens were trying real hard to conceive n it aint easy.
so we dont think dat we r dat lucky.
i bought two pregnancy kits n tried twice
n d results were both +ve.
then 2days later we went to confirm with d doc.
n yes. it's still +ve.
n we think it's time to announce to d family n frens.
diz is a big surprise for us both.
we r just adapating to new marriage life
n now with d news,
more adjusting needs to b done.
alhamdulillah,z has been so nice to me.
he doesnt hesitate to do d house chores.
he even did d cooking.
n he cooked nasi ayam for my frens
during d 1st batch house warming.
it was delicious.
thanks yayang.
plz pray d best for d 3 of us.
it's still a long journey...
hope everything will b ok...


Pei Pan said...
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YuNyLoveSYou said...

Tahniah once again my dear~ u r very lucky! rezeki jgn ditolak.. hehehe.. im happu for you n z! Start saving k!!! lots of love~