Wednesday, November 7, 2012

++ tHeSe DaYs ++

Been so bz for d past few days.
Last minute i was appointed as a rapporteur for WIFKL in KLCC.
D convention is being held from 3-7th of nov.
tp rapporteurs masuk 5-7th je..
It was 1 new experience for me..

Sbb kn pegi dgn colleagues yg cool n jd best lah.
Tiap2 ari makan sedap.
Kalau bkn standing buffet,
Kiteorg pegi suria klcc n pampered ourselves with lavish food.haha.
Pastu g sephora x henti2.
So allowance given abes cmtu je kottt...


Japanese food kat yuzu adelah sgt sedap!tp it's a high end ingat nak bawak Z nanti.:)

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