Sunday, August 5, 2012

++ FRieNDsHip. LoVe. BLeSseD. ++

we first met when we were in form 1.
set up a clique when were in form 2.
n d bonding is strenghthening since then.
i am blessed with these girls.
ama was d only 1 yg missed out d iftar.
tgah ho kat hosp ipoh.
she's a bz doc!

i love how we expand d family.
our hubbies yg join pon boleh masuk.
alhamdulillah Z paham everytime i want to spend time with my sister.die layan kan aje..
skrg dah ade 2nd generation.
started with Zareef.
now ida pon tggu mase je...

♥ all of u sisters!

#iftar at theobloma chocolate lounge d curve. later on lepak at wondermilk damansara uptown.

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